4 Signs Your Girlfriend’s Insecurity Is Affecting Your Life

It might not seem possible, but someone else’s insecurity can negatively affect your life. Someone who is insecure needs constant care and attention to feel good about themselves. Here are four signs that your girlfriend’s insecurity is having an effect on your life.

1. You no longer see friends

If your girlfriend is insecure, she might not want you spending as much time with friends as you’re used to. Even if it’s just you and the boys, her insecurity might be so bad that she fears what they might encourage you to do. In some cases you might even see your family less. It might seem as though she lacks trust in you, but it all comes back to how insecure she is with herself. A secure woman would encourage your time with friends.

2. You have to reassure her you love her constantly

An insecure woman can never hear compliments too much, but she can hear them too little. If you don’t compliment her and tell her you love her enough, she will ask you if there’s something wrong with her. She won’t feel loved and wanted unless she hears why you love her and how much you love her. She will also need to know that she’s better than the other women you’ve dated. A secure woman doesn’t fish for compliments or make a scene when you don’t notice a new top she’s wearing.

3. You walk on eggshells to keep from upsetting her

If you find that you are careful about what you tell your girlfriend or do around her, you are probably walking on eggshells to avoiding upsetting her. If you know you cannot tell her that you had a conversation with a female co-worker, this is not healthy for your relationship. You should be able to be open and honest without your girlfriend becoming upset that you might interact with people other than her. Being afraid to do or say something she might not like is no way to live. You shouldn’t have to censor yourself when you’re in a loving and trusting relationship.

4. She competes with you

Has everything in your life become a competition to your girlfriend? This could be a sign of her insecurity. She must make sure that you know she’s making more money, driving a better car, or on the fast-track for a promotion. No one wants their relationship to be a competition over who is more successful. A woman who acts like this will not be much fun to be around. Thanks to her insecurity you will feel less like a team and more like competitors.

A woman who is insecure is not easy. She requires a lot of attention and positive feedback. Dating her may feel more like a job than the fun it’s supposed to be.

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